Emergency Solutions Grant

Case Study

A couple suffering from significant physical disabilities were unable to care for the mobile home they owned, due to the combined burdens of COVID-19 and their disabilities. Over a couple years their home fell into deep disrepair. The home was condemned, and they were asked to vacate during the winter cold. The couple checked in to an emergency shelter and worked closely with MESI case managers to facilitate their transition to a home that would be accessible. Utilizing ESG Rapid Rehousing assistance, the couple were able to quickly move into a new home that would be accessible and healthy for them.

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Program Description

The Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG), through a network of service providers, offers assistance to those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Funding is provided to engage homeless individuals and families living on the street, improve the number and quality of emergency shelters for homeless individuals and families, help operate these shelters, provide essential services to shelter residents, rapidly re-house homeless individuals and families, and prevent families and individuals from becoming homeless.

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Audience Served

ESG is designed to assist individuals and families experiencing homelessness through a network of service providers across Kansas. Service providers apply through a sponsoring unit of general purpose local government and/ or private nonprofit organization.
Homeless individuals or families include:

  • Those who lack a fixed, regular, adequate nighttime residence
  • Those who will lose their primary nighttime residence within 14 days
  • Unaccompanied youth under 25 years of age, or families with children and youth who have not had permanent housing in the past 60 days
  • Those fleeing or attempting to flee domestic violence

Funding Source

ESG is federally funded through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Additional local funding is provided as matching funds by the cities, counties and non – profit agencies.

Staff Contact

Doug Wallace
Emergency Solutions Grant Program Manager
Ph: (785) 217-2019

How To Apply

Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) services are accessed through homeless service organizations in participating cities and counties.

    • If you are in need of emergency housing:
      Please contact a service partner currently serving your area.
    • If you are interested in becoming an ESG service provider:
      Please contact us to learn more.

Additional Resources

For those experiencing homelessness:
List of Current Service Partners

For ESG service partners:
ESG Handbook

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Income Guidelines

Household Size Maximum Income for Weatherization (200% of FPL)
1  $   25,760
2  $  34,840
3  $  43,920
4  $   53,000
5  $  62,080
6  $  71,160
7  $  80,240
8  $  89,320

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