Open Records Policy


REGULAR OFFICE HOURS: 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday except for state holidays

DESIGNATED CUSTODIAN: Erin Beckerman, General Counsel

FEES: Record requests that can be provided with minimal staff time and that are less than 25 pages will be provided at no charge. For requests that exceed that amount, the following rates apply:

  • Copies: 25¢ per page for paper copies; 12.5¢ per page for electronic copies.
  • Mailing: 50¢ for first 5 pages, 25¢ for each additional 5 pages; electronic copies may be mailed or sent electronically with the cost calculated based upon the number of pages.
  • Fax: 65¢ per 10 page fax.
  • Staff Time: Will be charged at KHRC’s actual cost of staff time for the rate of pay for each person responding to the request. This may include time spent to access records in paper or electronic format, review records to determine whether exceptions apply, necessary redaction and re-file records. Clerical time will be charged at $18 per hour. Deputy Director time will be charged at $35 per hour. Attorney time will be charged at $50 per hour. Information technology services time will be charged at $38 per hour. Time for other employees will be charged based upon actual cost.
  • Additional Fees: Any other costs incurred by KHRC in complying with a record request may be assessed to the requester.

ADVANCE FEE PAYMENT REQUIRED: KHRC will provide an estimate of the total costs to the requestor prior to KHRC gathering or providing access to the records. In order to assure receipt of payment, KHRC requires payment in full of the estimated cost prior to providing the records. Reimbursement will be made to the requestor for any overpayment if the cost to produce the records is less than the estimate. If KHRC determines that the estimated fee is too low once the request is processed, the requestor will be advised of the corrected estimate and advance payment required before continuing the work. Payment shall be made by check or money order to Kansas Housing Resources Corporation.

PROCEDURE FOR MAKING A REQUEST: KHRC requires that records requests be made in writing. All requests for records shall state the requester’s name, mailing address, email address and phone number. Requests must provide adequate detail to aid KHRC in determining whether the records exist, are in KHRC’s possession and are open for public inspection.

DELIVERY FORMAT: Records are generally faxed only if the request is for fewer than 15 pages and fax facilities are readily available. If air or ground express delivery is requested, the requestor must arrange for pick up and packaging of the records; all costs associated for such delivery must be paid by the requestor. The records custodian will determine the ability of KHRC to comply with any request for records to be delivered in a particular format including whether records will be provided in electronic format or for records that must be produced in a particular computer-generated format. KHRC reserves the right to provide records in the format that is most convenient for KHRC.

RESPONSE TIME: KHRC will act upon the request as soon as possible but no later than the third business day following receipt of the request in accordance with KORA. Requests received after 5:00 p.m. will not be deemed received until the next business day. If additional time is needed to respond, estimated costs must be calculated and assessed, or if certain records may be closed by law, a response will be provided as soon as the records have been located and reviewed.

Adopted February 4, 2020

Ryan S. Vincent, Executive Director

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Income Guidelines

Household Size Maximum Income for Weatherization (200% of FPL)
1  $   25,760
2  $  34,840
3  $  43,920
4  $   53,000
5  $  62,080
6  $  71,160
7  $  80,240
8  $  89,320

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