Kansas Homeowner Assistance Fund closing soon

Homeowners in need of assistance encouraged to apply now

The Kansas Homeowner Assistance Fund (KHAF), a federally funded, temporary emergency program to support homeowners experiencing hardship during the pandemic, has dispersed nearly all program funds and will close soon. The program has entered Final Funding stage, the first of three closure phases. Homeowners in need of assistance are encouraged to apply now, while funding is still available.

“The economic impact of the pandemic continues to be felt by families and communities across the state,” said Ryan Vincent, Executive Director of Kansas Housing Resources Corporation (KHRC), which administers the KHAF program. “This assistance has provided housing stability and preserved the dream of homeownership for more than 3,000 Kansas families in need.”

KHAF was established with American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to help qualifying Kansas homeowners get current on their mortgage payments and avoid foreclosure. Eligible homeowners at least 30 days past-due on mortgage and/or property taxes can receive payment assistance for mortgages, utility bills, property taxes, and other charges associated with delinquency. Since the program launched in April 2022, KHAF has provided $39,886,389 to 3,549 households.

The closure process will follow three phases. Here’s what this means for Kansas homeowners in need of assistance:

  1. Final Funding Phase: Homeowners seeking KHAF support should apply as soon as possible to be considered for final funding.
  2. Hold Phase: Once the program receives enough applications to fully expend all KHAF funds, approval of new applications and recertifications will be subject to availability of remaining funds. Applications submitted during Hold Phase will be placed on hold and will not be reviewed or processed unless sufficient program funds are available.
  3. Closure Phase: When all program funds are exhausted the program will close and will stop accepting new applications.

The KHAF program is now in Final Funding Phase. The length and dates of each phase will be subject to a variety of factors, including application volume and amount of assistance requested. Each program closure phase will be announced on the KHAF webpage.

For more questions, applicants can reach KHAF customer service at 855-307-KHAF (5423), or review the KHAF closure FAQs. KHRC’s ongoing housing programs will continue to serve Kansans beyond the closure of the KHAF program.


The KHAF program is administered by Kansas Housing Resources Corporation (KHRC), a self-supporting, nonprofit, public corporation committed to helping Kansans access the safe, affordable housing they need and the dignity they deserve. KHRC serves as the state’s housing finance agency, administering essential housing and community programs to serve Kansans.


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Income Guidelines

Household Size Maximum Income for Weatherization (200% of FPL)
1  $   25,760
2  $  34,840
3  $  43,920
4  $   53,000
5  $  62,080
6  $  71,160
7  $  80,240
8  $  89,320

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